What are EverDocs Templates?

EverDoc Templates Overview What is a Template? Templates are custom-built

Customize Your Evertel Notifications

Set Sound Notification Preferences in Evertel Let’s face it, you

Getting Started: Manage your Agency

Managing your Agency as an Executive As an Executive Role

Getting Started: Manage your Team

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Export EverDocs from Web

Exporting from Rooms & “EverDocs”: Are you wanting or need

Using Room Menu and Settings

Room Menu Overview Who can use this feature? Only Room

Troubleshooting Urgent Notifications on Mobile

Users with iOS or Android devices can opt-in to receive Critical Alert/Urgent notifications in the event of an emergency. Critical Alerts is a special push notification classification that always appears at the top of your lock screen above all other notifications and plays a sound and sends alarm notifications, even if the device is muted or in Do Not Disturb mode.

How to add yourself to a Room via Manage Rooms

User Permissions Required This article is for users with agency

Evertel Training Videos

Accessing Training videos using the ‘Feedback’ icon: Our team created

How to Change an Agency User’s Name

User Permissions Required This article is for Executive roles. If