Find an Agency Access Code

Whether your invitees need an agency code mid-registration, or after they already exist in another agency. This article is to help you find the agency access code for new users!

Incident Command

With Incident Command rooms, agencies can create open rooms that allow users from other responding agencies, to access collaboration and coordination spaces in real-time. Within IC rooms agencies can set access criteria by state(s), radius, and agency type (police, fire, EMS, etc).

Adding New Agency

Need to add a new agency, while you’re already in one? We got you covered! This article will walk you through the necessary step to adding a new agency to you agency list!

Room Managers

Room Managers oversee the interoperable features that make an agency successful. To ensure you have the right people as a Room Manager, see how to add them…

Unarchive a Room

Who can unarchive a room? Those with an Executive or

How do I share a room with other agencies?

Sharing a room with other agencies has never been more instant AND secure. Welcome to Evertel’s Regional Collaboration! Read this article for more information!

How do I join a room?

Need to join a room? Read this quick step-by-step,

Where do I add my Agency’s location?

Who will use this information? Those with Executive and Manager

How do I view my agency’s overall data usage?

Who benefits from this article? Those with an Executive or

How do I see my user’s current activity?

Who can view History Logs? Executives and Manager roles within