How do I share a room with other agencies?

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Regional Collaboration

Team Rooms are a simple click away from being shared with other agencies.

Regional Collaboration is one of the most powerful tools for Evertel agencies and truly sets us apart from all other platforms.  This provides the ability to immediately share your secure chat room with as many agencies & employees as needed, regardless if they are an Evertel agency or not!  For police departments, Regional Collaboration is the fastest way to reduce crime in America.

Remember that any Team Room is a simple click away from being shared with other agencies and their employees.  You will have full control of their access and can remove anyone from any device.

When you click “Share with another Agency” in your room’s menu, the platform immediately generates a highly encrypted invite link and access code that ensure the security of the intel you share; and with whom. (See where to click below.)

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The key to these rooms? They are no extra cost to you! So make as many as you need, and have them ready BEFORE a crisis occurs. 

Our support team can assist your agency in scheduling a free training session on Regional Collaboration, as well!  Just contact us for scheduling and our executives will be happy to help you.  This way, the entire region can be registered and placed in your Regional Collaboration room BEFORE the crisis…giving you immediate control of any crisis.


Who can share a room with another agency?

Those with Executive or Manager status have permissions, to create/edit a Regional Collaboration room- but all users may use the room according to the set permissions in the room's settings.

Need more information on Regional Collaboration?

See the list of articles below, to find the right answer for you:

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  2. Accept Room Requests (coming soon)
  3. Invite guests to Room
  4. Remove a person from a Room
  5. Create Incident Command 

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