Where’s My Data and How Can I Access It?

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Your conversations are yours to own and access, right? Think again. If your employees are using consumer apps to send messages and intel updates, there’s a good chance that your agency won’t have the power to access the data if you need it down the line. And that hang-up can introduce all sorts of risks for breaking compliance.

The Improbability of Accessing Old Data Through Consumer Apps

In both our personal and professional lives, app security continues to stay top of mind. No one wants their app data to get into the wrong hands. For one, your passwords for other accounts could quickly get compromised. Hackers might also be able to check out your other private information, like your phone number, email account details, or home address. But it could get even worse. Top it off with someone accessing past conversations for sensitive work content. It doesn’t matter what your messages are about—they need to be encrypted and protected.

The trouble with most communication apps is that “encryption” has become the sole focus. While that definitely matters, having that as the only defining feature of the app data is especially problematic for government employees. Many people aren’t worried about whether they can run a report or pull conversations from years ago. But when accessing past conversations becomes crucial for a criminal case, it’s not enough to have strong app security. We also need the ability to review the content of our own messages and make the necessary redactions for the court. Standard consumer apps don’t usually give us that option.


Is Your Data Secured for CJIS Compliance?

Because sending instant messages is so convenient, government employees might be using them as their primary form of communication while on shift or in the field. That means they might also forget that these apps are designed for the general public, not work products. This raises a lot of red flags for agencies and leadership. 

Accessing past conversations is a core requirement for CJIS compliance. If your employees’ app data doesn’t allow that basic function, you need to get your team to switch to a new communication solution. With the Evertel app, your agency can get the same ease of use as a consumer app with instant communication. But you’ll have even more perks too. Evertel is built with public safety professionals in mind, so all app data features are completely compliant with the CJIS requirements.

Meet Evertel—Your Solution for Protecting App Data 

Agencies that have a proven system to automatically archive and secure their app data will give themselves better protection against civil liabilities. You don’t want to leave any room for error. All of your employee conversations—and requests and updates from leadership—need to be stored and at the ready, in case they ever need to be reviewed.

Fortunately, accessing past conversations is easy with Evertel. Our platform encrypts all of your app data for communications and keeps those records safe. Plus, it works to help your team stay organized. Agencies can create private chat rooms for specific beats or task forces. You can even send updates to every single employee in your region. Consumer apps don’t have that kind of versatility, and they come with too many compliance concerns.

Make sure your agency’s app data isn’t trapped inside a messaging company’s security silos. Evertel helps you streamline your workflow, maintain compliance, and remove the barriers to accessing old data. You don’t have to compromise security, either. Evertel has your back!

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