How Evertel Helps Government Communications & Collaboration During Stay Home Orders

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Senate Chamber inside the Arkansas State Capitol builidng Little Rock
Little Rock, AR, USA – June 12, 2015: The Senate chamber inside the Arkansas State Capitol building in Little Rock

Background: The practice of the morning meeting, the scrum, the announcement, the posted memo, or water cooler discussion for sharing information is not an option when you are ordered to stay at home, ok you say, I can still get the most critical data from my essential boss, those managers expected to be in the office have seen an increase of as much as 100% of their regular workload in some cases since many of the human resources they delegate to are not currently available. 
According to, nearly half of all corporate/office communication is informal, which means, essential government managers are not only 2X as busy but also half as effective. This is creating the perfect firestorm for failure with government agencies that are required to stay open.

Overwhelmed essential government employee

Problem: “We are still expected to work, we are still expected to report, we are still expected to communicate, but we are finding ourselves without the tools to get the information we need quickly from the relevant sources.” Reports one Public Works employee from Clark County, Nevada. 

This government agency quickly jumps on the readily available and accessible communication tools, including Zoom and Slack Messenger – problem solved, right? Not exactly. As we’ve seen in the last few weeks of the current pandemic, these free solutions are far from secure and not compliant with government departmental regulations

Some Local Governments Have more than 80% of Their Workforce Working Remotely

Solution: Government agencies with key people adhering to stay at home regulations are finding Evertel as an ideal solution to keep the communication channels open. Faster and more effective than email messaging, safer than consumer products like Zoom and GoToMeeting, and the only platform compliant with FOIA, CJIS, and HIPAA. Evertel gives all team members access to the conversations, files, and key co-workers needed to continue serving the public at large. 

Doing so in this pandemic has posed a challenge because we cannot hold in-person meetings with our team. 

Government Office Look Abandoned with Stay Home Orders

The Challenge:  We cannot merely say “closed until further notice,” or “contact us when this is over.”

  • There are still emergencies that are NOT related to the pandemic: weather events, high profile occurrences, increase in crime, road closures or accidents, media stories, and more. Constant communications and real-time updates are needed just as much during these occurrences. 
  • Open records requests from media, activists, defense attorneys, district attorneys, and others are a demanding and seemingly everyday occurrence, these are not likely to abate, even in a time of pandemic. 
  • Agencies will still have the ‘daily business’ to attend to, regardless of where our employees are working.

Use Cases:

  • Agency-wide compliant communications from Evertel give leadership the ability to instantly update ALL employees with full auditing & reporting on who received messages and when.
  • Supervisors/Managers can assign team members and direct reports in customized Rooms so they can share facts, control rumors, and continue the agencies business during times of physical separation
  • By creating COVID-19 (or other crisis specific communication rooms) in Evertel, all connected employees can access new policies, procedures, and alerts. Managers can post bulletins and urgent communication, so all employees are informed, nobody can say “I never got the message” or “I didn’t understand the info” Evertel tracks and saves every interaction on the most compliant system available in the marketplace. 
  • Instant tracked, and complaint communication may be the cornerstone of the Evertel platform. Still, the improved efficiencies in communications are saving time and money in hundreds of instances, no longer are dozens of phone calls, in-person meetings (that all somehow need to be an hour) and limited range radio communication needed to get the right information to the right people at the right time. 
  • Over and above everyday compliant communications, Evertel is being used as a successful virtual EOC tool . Schedule your demo of Evertel today and see how this cutting-edge communication platform is helping hundreds of agencies all over the country.

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