Message Archiving

Evertel provides a cloud platform for message retention and archiving, compliance, and security

Complete data retention

As a 1st responder, you have stringent data retention regulations to comply with. Evertel ensures all your department’s messaging through our platform is fully retained, never deleted, and in full compliance with federal and state-level regulations like FOIA and state sunshine laws.

Failure to retain and secure accurate records of communication leaves agencies vulnerable to fines, legal and reputational risks.

Even beyond compliance requirements, Evertel’s archiving and history features ensure that you can always find the messages and conversations you need for internal investigations or case logs.

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Accurately capture all message data

Evertel’s secure cloud platform securely and accurately captures all unmodified messages sent and received through Evertel.

Ensure retention compliance

Because Evertel archives all data and does not allow deletion or tampering, compliance with data retention regulations is automatic.

Enhance comm. security

Archiving is a part of Evertel’s complete communication security strategy to protect your employees, department, and victims.

Streamline audits and discovery

Powerful audit features allow you to quickly find archived messages from any web-conected device. Easily export those audits for public information requests.

Eliminate the need to confiscate devices

Because all data in Evertel is stored in our secure cloud platform, there is no need to to confiscate employee mobile devices to pull data.

Improve transparency and accountability

Evertel’s data retention and reporting features are a necessary tool of accountability and transparency, a trend that must continue in public safety.

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