Why aren’t my notifications working?

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Are your notifications not sending to your device?

Hello! We are sorry to hear that your notifications, both urgent or otherwise, are not sending to your device. This article is intended to help you understand a few reasons why this may be occuring…

  1.  You may need to disable your Battery Optimization settings.
    1. Battery Optimization settings are designed to ensure your device is not using excessive power, so it filters out unopened apps or app with low utilization.
  2. You might have low to no cellular data.
    1. Low to no cellular data can force your notifications to lag. Our system sends the notification through the app regardless, but not yet to your device’s pushed notifications. 
  3.  You may need to review your device’s Notification Settings.
    1. the linked article applies to both urgent and normal notifications.

If you find that none of the above explain your situation, or you you have already checked for the above options, please contact support@getevertel.com.

Please submit a “Feedback: Report a Problem” request, as well. This is in the ‘?’ icon, located in your Evertel platform. (Top right corner on desktop, or at the top of your side menu in the mobile app.)

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