What is EverDocs?

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You will need to update your Mobile app, if you do not already see Everdocs in your Evertel side-menu/drawer.

Update your Evertel app


Everdocs (formally labeled Bulletins) is our newest feature! It provides form templates to be created and shared within Evertel. You can access this feature in your side menu. 

All your Bulletins (soon to be more!) will be located in EverDocs.

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Document Ownership is designated when you create an EverDoc. In the EverDocs feed, you will be able to specify which EverDocs you wish to see. This can be agency EverDocs shared to rooms you are a member of or the EverDocs you created (see below).

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Editing your EverDoc Bulletins comes with the options to Notify your room or not! When you go to edit the EverDocs, before clicking ‘Save’, you will designate which option you prefer(see below).


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