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What is a Room?

In Evertel, teamwork and collaboration happen in Rooms. A Room is a single place for a squad, station, or team to share intel (messages, images, videos, voice, and files) instantly. Below you can learn about how to create, join, and use Rooms to collaborate with your team.

All About Rooms

  • They can be organized by squad, station, team, or whatever else is relevant to you
  • Department members can join and leave Rooms as needed
  • You can invite guests into Rooms as needed
  • Bulletins can be shared with Rooms
  • Rooms can be configured to your specific needs

Create Rooms

Who can use this feature?
Managers and Executives can create Rooms.

Rooms can be organized around anything, and a Department can have as many Rooms as needed. Rooms are great to organize and compartmentalize conversations and intel. Common uses for Rooms include, squads/stations, events (concerts, dignitary visits, special events), ranks, and roles.

On Desktop

  1. In the main menu on the left of the screen, click the (+) button next to the label “Rooms”
  2. In the popup, select the desired Room configuration
  3. Name you Room (if a squad Room we suggest using the name of the squad) and add a description.
  4. If you would like to customize the configuration you can do so here.
  5. Click “Create Room”

Room Guidelines

While a Department can have as many Rooms as needed, Evertel works best when Room guidelines are in place, and certain best practices are followed.


  • Every Room should have a clear name and purpose
  • Your Department should establish naming guidelines and all Rooms should follow those guidelines
  • Supervisors of the team the Room is organized around should be setup as managers of that Room

Best Practices

  • It is best to organize Rooms around teams like squads, stations, districts, battalions, ranks, precincts, etc., or by events such as concerts, dignitary visits, and special events.
  • Transparency and collaboration matters, so most conversations should happen in Rooms.
  • Use announcement-only Rooms to immediately broadcast to all employees in a Department of import news, policy updates, and information before it hits the media.
  • When there is no longer a need for a Room — after an event has concluded — archive the Room (don’t worry, all Room history is maintained for future viewing, searching and auditing).
  • If the nature of a Room changes, it’s settings can be updated at any time.