What are EverDocs?

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You will need to update your Mobile app, if you do not already see Everdocs in your Evertel side-menu/drawer.

EverDocs Overview

Everdocs provides templates to be created and shared within Evertel. All Documents will be located in EverDocs (see image below).

With an Executive and Management role you can:

  • Create EverDoc Templates
  • Edit Everdoc Templates
  • Create Template Categories to Organize your agency document types
  • Enable/Disable Templates
  • Or select templates from the Template Catalog 

All Roles (users within primary agencies, not guests*) can:

  • Create a Document (requires a primary agency- users can only create forms they have access to in their own primary agency; especially as a room guest).
  • Share a Document to Rooms (even if room is ‘read only’).
  • Edit a Document (from the EverDocs directory or from the Room it is shared).

How to Create, Share, & Edit EverDocs

Create, Share, & Edit on Web

Create, Share, & Edit on Mobile

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EverDocs Template Builder

Editing Templates

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Editing your EverDoc Bulletins comes with the options to Notify your room or not! When you go to edit the EverDocs, before clicking ‘Save’, you will designate which option you prefer (see below).

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Finding EverDocs created by you

Document Ownership is designated when you create an EverDoc. In the EverDocs directory, you will be able to specify which EverDocs you created (see below).

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