Create an EverDoc Bulletin

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Select “EverDocs”
Select “+” in upper right
Select EverDoc Type/Enter required fields/Select “Save”
Select three dots in upper right:
    To Edit EverDoc (shortcut to Share with arrow to the left of “Save”)
    To Share with Rooms by selecting “+”/Search & Select Room/Save/(To the right of the room) use  dropdown to choose access levels (View, Edit, Share)
    To Archive EverDoc
Select “Save”/Select Save Option (Save (don’t notify), Save & Notify, Save & Notify as urgent).

Select three dots in top right to Edit, Share, or Archive (if you have these permissions)

Long press on EverDoc in room for Edit, Share if you have the permission to do so.
Long press outside EverDoc for reactions, read receipt, reminder, or retract message.

*Not sharing an EverDoc to a room is the same as creating a Bulletin and “Save as Draft” currently

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Click “EverDocs”.

Click “+Create EverDoc”.

Click the drop down arrow to select the form you want.

Select “Bulletin” to begin.

Begin filling the required fields.

Select the Bulletin’s status.

Select the Bulletin’s “Type”.

Search and select the “Case Contact”.

Choose which notification option you want.

Click “Create” when you are ready.

Click “Share with rooms”

Search and select a room where you want the Bulletin posted.

Click “Share” after you choose your sharing permissions.

Click “Done” when you are ready.

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