Basic Troubleshooting
  • Confirm that your phone is connected to the internet.
    • Your phone is not in airplane mode. Android phone Settings > Network & Internet > toggle to turn Airplane mode on and off.
    • You have enabled cellular data.
    • If are on a campus or corporate Wifi that has firewall restrictions in place, contact the network administrator.
    • Check that your provider allows WebSocket connections.
    • Ensure your Network does not have a firewall to prevent app or sites or browser types.
    • Make sure that your VPN or other apps are not restricting Evertel’s ability to connect to the internet.
  • Update to the latest version of Evertel Android.
  • Update the Google Play services app on your phone.
  • Update the Android System Webview app on your phone.
  • Upgrade your Android OS to the latest version that is available for your device.
  • Confirm that the date and time settings for your phone are set correctly for your time zone.  Compare to the time set by or by
  • Check if the notification appears in your Android notification bar or tray.
  • Check that you have enabled notifications on your phone.
  • Android Settings > Apps (then Manage Apps; for some users) > Evertel > Check in Show notifications.
  • Evertel’s settings> Notifications > Enable message notifications.
  • Confirm you have not muted notifications for the app.
  • Check if your linked Evertel Desktop has already viewed the message.
  • Check that you have free space in internal memory, not the SD card. You can free up space by deleting apps that are not on the SD card.
  • Confirm you have enabled WiFi or cellular data while your phone is asleep. Android phone Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Always keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.


Advanced TroubleShooting
  • Clear the app’s cache (Clearing the app cache is kind of like a cleanse for your apps. It will get rid of residual files that could be slowing down the app).
  • Open Settings> swipe to and tap Apps> Select or search for the app you want to clear> Tap Storage> then tap Clear cache.
  • Check your device’s customized notifications:
  • From Settings, tap Notifications, and then tap App notifications.
  • Next, tap an app you’d like to customize.
  • Next, tap Notification categories, and then tap the switch next to your desired categories to enable or disable them.

Note: The available options may vary depending on the app.

OS-Specific Settings

Android 9 and above

  • Check battery settings. Android phone Settings > Battery > Adaptive preferences > turn off Adaptive Battery.
Phone-Specific Settings


  • Android phone Settings > Power management > Auto-start manager > DOWNLOADED page > select ‘Allow’ for Evertel.


  • Boost+ app > Optimize background apps > Evertel > select ‘Off.’


  • Android phone Settings > Apps > Apps > Evertel > Power Usage Details > App Launch > Set to Manage Manually and enable these options: Auto-Launch, Secondary Launch, and Run in Background.
  • Phone Manager app > Battery manager (or Energy Saver) > Protected apps > Enable Evertel.
  • Android phone Settings  > Advanced Settings > Battery manager (or Energy Saver) > Protected apps > Enable Evertel.
  • Android phone Settings  > ‘All’ tab > Protected apps > Enable Evertel.
  • Phone Manager App > Protected apps > Enable Evertel.
  • Android phone Settings  > Apps > Advanced/Special Access > Ignore battery optimizations > All Apps (drop down) > Enable Evertel.
  • Android phone settings > Battery > Launch > Evertel.
  • Android phone settings > Apps > Evertel > Data usage > Background Data > Enable.
  • Android phone Settings  > Notification panel & status bar > Notification center, find Evertel and activate Allow Notifications and Priority Display.


  • Android phone Settings  > Power manager > Background app management > add Evertel to the unrestricted list or allow Evertel to auto-start.


  • Android phone settings > Battery > Background activity manager > ensure that the toggle is disabled for Evertel.


  • Android phone Settings  > Apps > Gear icon > Apps Auto-launch > Enable Evertel start-up in the background.
  • Android phone Settings > Battery > Menu > Aggressive Doze & App Hibernation > Disable this mode or prevent Evertel from being limited in this mode.
  • Android phone Settings > Apps > Menu > Auto Run > Disable this mode or prevent Evertel from being limited in this mode.


  • Apps > Security center > Privacy permissions > Auto-run management (or Startup manager) > Enable Evertel.
  • Android phone Settings  > Application management > Running tab > Enable Everel.


  • Android phone Settings > Apps > Evertel > Mobile data > Allow background data usage
  • Android phone Settings  > Security > Auto-start management > Enable Evertel.
  • Android phone Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Always keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.
  • Android phone Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > MENU > App Power Monitor > Disable or selectively choose apps to sleep from Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery. Make sure to exclude Evertel from the sleep list.
  • Android phone Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Power saving mode > Disable ot adjust to MID.
  • Android phone Settings  > Battery > Detail > Evertel > Turn off.
  • Apps drawer > Smart manager > Battery > Detail > Evertel > Turn off.
  • Android phone Settings  > Battery > Battery usage > MENU > Optimize battery usage > select ‘All apps’ > Disable Evertel.
  • Android phone Settings > Battery > Unmonitored apps > Add apps > Evertel > Done > Restart your phone.
  • Samsung 8: Android phone Settings > Apps > Menu > Special Access > Optimize battery usage > select the drop down which likely states ‘apps not optimized’ and switch to ‘all apps’ > find Evertel and tap on the switch to turn it off.
  • Settings > Device care > Battery > More > Settings > Put unused apps to sleep > Set sleep delay to a date higher than 3


  • Android phone Settings  > Storage & memory > turn off the ‘Smart cleaner’ option or continue to tap the three dots at the top right > Advanced > add Evertel to the whitelist.
  • Android phone Settings > Power management > Tap STAMINA mode > Apps active in standby > add Everel to the whitelist.


  • Apps drawer > iManager > App manager > Autostart manager > allow Evertel to auto-start in the background.

Xiaomi / MIUI

  • Apps drawer > Security app > Permissions > tap Autostart > Enable Evertel.
  • Android phone Settings > Services > Security > Permissions > Autostart > Enable  Evertel.
  • Android phone Settings  > Additional Settings > Battery and Performance > Manage apps’ battery usage > turn ‘Power saving modes’ off > open the Security app > navigate to Permissions > add Evertel to Autostart > invoke Task Manager > find Evertel > drag it downwards until the padlock icon appears.
  • Android phone Security app > Settings > Data usage > Allow background data.

Unlisted phone/OS

If your phone or OS is not listed, you can search for specific settings on your phone in the following categories

  • Notifications
  • Priority mode
  • Battery power and optimization
  • Background permissions
  • Autostart
Other Settings
  • Edit your VPN or firewall settings.
    • Android phone Settings > More (Under Wireless & Networks) > VPN then disable Wi-Fi Assistant.
    • Make sure you allow *, TCP ports 80, 443, and 31337, and all UDP. If you have a transparent or reverse proxy it needs to support WebSockets.
  • Reset your Google Account.
    • Android phone Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All (Swipe right on some phones for this list, if not listed in Downloaded).
    • Choose Google Play services > Clear data.
    • Choose Google services framework > Clear data.
    • Temporarily unlink your Google account from the phone.
    • Reboot the phone.
    • Re-associate your Google account.