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EvertelSMS TextingEmailWhatsAppFB MessengerTelegramSignalConfide

Instant Communication

Messages received within seconds

Data Protection

End-to-end encryption

off by default

Real-Time Intelligence Bulletins

Safely send tactical alerts to targeted officers instantly, keeping them informed and on the street

FOIA & CJIS Compliant

Proper data retention and storage for public records requests

Solves Radio ’Bonking" Issues

Clears up radio channels in crisis situations

Data Can Be Read By The Software Co.

(not good for LEO’s)

Verify Officer’s Identity

Verify each user within the dept. before granting access to critical intelligence

Protects Officer Identity from Outsiders

Users cannot be searched, found, or followed

Retractable Messages

Retract any message from everyone else’s view (data is retained with the author)

only unread messages

Group Communication

Squads, commands, departments, executive, etc.

Urgent Messages

Give messages higher priority and greater visibility by marking them as urgent

External Security Audits

Regular 3rd party security audits performed

Why no LEO should be using SMS texting

Only $4 per user per month!

Enterprise features without the enterprise cost!

Don’t let $4 per month stop you from FOIA compliance, encrypted communications and life-saving alerts!