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Evertel is the only secure and instant communication tool on the market that was built for the unique needs of 1st responders. Thousands of officers, firefighters, and paramedics all over the U.S. use Evertel to connect and communicate with their teams, improve productivity, and keep their employees safe by being better informed.

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Jeff Halstead

Jeff Halstead

Founder & CEO, Chief of Police (retired) Fort Worth

I spent almost 27 years serving in the law enforcement profession, 20+ years in Phoenix PD, retiring as Commander, and 6+ years in Fort Worth PD as Chief of Police. In 2015 I retired and traveled the world as a senior consultant/advisor for a global police technology corporation. Being in 6 countries and 39 states in America, I can tell you one of the most significant challenges facing all First Responders is the speed & control of communications.

As Chief of Police in Fort Worth, I faced national and global crisis incidents where our PD, our City, and our leaders truly struggled with the advancement of social media headlines, false narratives, and how fast activists and protest groups can mobilize. One Tweet can impact millions of viewers in minutes. At FWPD, my most advanced form of internal communications was mass email and external communications were meant for press conferences, typically the next business day. By then, millions of people already had what they considered the ‘facts’ and internal and external rumors were impossible to control or address… there had to be a better way… I found out there wasn’t, so I set out to build one.

In addition to day to day operations, we realized Police, Fire, EMS, and all first responders needed the ability to collaborate, share intelligence, and deploy from their smartphones before, during, and after a crisis event. In addition,  the ability to loop in all government services including Federal law enforcement (FBI/ATF/DEA/FEMA), crisis management partners, key stakeholders, elected officials, and other decision-makers were sorely needed.

As a result, we have solved many of these challenges with our encrypted platform – Evertel. Evertel has exploded across 1st responders throughout the U.S. We now have the speed of secure, controlled, and compliant communications needed in all areas. Because of the diversity of services and applications within Evertel, it enhances all first responder services from day to day operations to a multi-agency national disaster.

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